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MIM Exercise Prescription™ 1st Timer

$ 59.00 USD

A MIM Exercise Prescription (MIM/Ex) is good for 16 weeks. Your first MIM/Ex comes with a MIM Kit that includes a MIM Stepper Box which you will need to take the assessment test to receive your prescription.

A MIM Exercise Prescription (MIM/Ex) is a personalized heart rate range combined with a duration of time you must stay in that range that will give your body the power to produce medicine-like outcomes that will affect: Cholesterol, Glucose, Weight, and Waist Circumference. In other words, once you know where your heart rate should be and for how long you should keep it there, you will know how and when you burn either fats, carbs, or both at the same time - so that you can control these cardiovascular markers naturally. It is unique for everyone, so you need to take a test to find out your prescribed motion dose.With your first MIM/Ex you receive a MIM Kit in the mail that includes a MIM Stepper Box. The simple box is the key to a successful test. The MIM Stepper Box is yours to keep, use it to re-test every 16-weeks for your MIM/Ex Refill.


We are currently in Beta. If you are interested in taking the MIM Step Test and receiving a free MIM Exercise Prescription™ please request an invitation.


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