When will my MIM Kit be delivered?

Your MIM Kit will be delivered within 48 hours of completing your transaction. Check your email for delivery confirmation.

How long after delivery do I have to take the test?

Once your MIM Kit is delivered, we ask that you complete the test within 72 hours. Set aside 20-30 minutes for your assessment + tester feedback, but know that you will only be stepping for approximately 10 minutes.

Can I keep the MIM Swag that came with my kit?

Absolutely, please wear it with pride as you are now part of the movement that is changing the mindset of exercise. Your MIM Team Member will only be picking up the MIM Stepper to share with other beta testers.

Payment - Beta Customers

What if I lose my coupon code?

You can find it in your welcome email. If you can't find that, contact your MIM Team Member for a replacement.

Can I get a refill with my coupon code?

We love that you are already excited about a refill! But since we are still in beta the coupon code is only for the first prescription. Luckily, an Exercise Prescription™ is good for 16 weeks so you have time before your refill is needed.

Why do I have to put my credit card details if the coupon gives me a free trial?

If you apply your coupon code first thing during checkout, you will not have to add in your credit card details. You will notice that the credit card section will disappear once the price is discounted to $0.

Other Questions

How do I track my MIM Ex when I exercise?

We’re in the process of perfecting the assessment experience and delivering the Exercise Prescription™ with our MIM App, tracking adherence to your prescription is next on the docket! That being said, you can easily use a third party app to track your heart rate while exercising so that you can adhere to you new Exercise Prescription™ on your own. We suggest the Apple Workout app. Select the type of workout and your heart rate will display on the screen of your Apple Watch. If the heart rate is below your prescribed Motion Zone, pick up your pace or engage your arms for more of a full body workout. If your heart rate is above your Motion Zone, slow down and focus on deep breaths. Tracking manually will seem tedious at first but you will quickly learn what it feels like to be in your prescribed Motion Zone.

Are you keeping my MIM Ex data private?

We take data protection very seriously. We understand we are dealing with sensitive health information. We have not and do not intend to share any data. We always anonymize, de-identify and aggregate data before reporting out. Customer information is only shared with the employees and physicians that are a direct part of the process. Under no circumstance do we ever sell our customer data, and we use encryption to ensure data security.

Where do I send feedback for my MIM Beta experience?

You will be sent surveys via email after both your MIM website purchase experience and your MIM app assessment experience. We will also be asking for volunteers for user experience interviews with one or more MIM Team Members within about 7 days of completing your beta test. If you would like to add any additional feedback beyond these touch points, you can always email us at: