Availability & Beta

When can I get my 1st exercise prescription?

We are currently running pilots at health clinics and health centers, preparing our user experience for a broader market. Our beta app will launch in 2023, available to those who request an invitation to our beta list. You will be able to get your 1st exercise prescription for 50% off if you become a beta user.

What happens if I sign up for beta?

We will send you an email with more information about MIM: how it works, what you will get, what is required to participate in the beta, and access to our team and exercise scientists.

Why should I get on the beta list vs. waiting for v.1 to launch?

You will be part of an early community of adopters, believers in the forefront of a scientific wellness approach. Beta users will receive exclusive offers for equipment and discounts on testing products from our health partners.


What is an Exercise Prescription™?

It is your personal prescribed motion dose which equals a target heart rate range + number of minutes you need to sustain that heart rate during a single exercise session to achieve medicine-like outcomes for a health goal. Health goals MIM currently supports: weight loss, lower cholesterol, lower glucose, lower blood pressure.

Just like prescription medicine (Rx), do I refill my exercise prescription (Ex)?

Yes! Every three months you refill your Ex by taking another MIM Step Test Assessment to see if your prescription has changed. Our bodies are smart, if you adhere to your prescription, it will adjust it's fuel utilization - so your next Ex will likely need to be adjusted as well.

How do I get an exercise prescription?

You can find a fancy clinic that has expensive metabolic equipment and exercise scientists that will test your fuel usage for a hefty price or you can be part of the MIM Beta team and from the comfort of your home - using a smart watch and a smart phone - get one that also includes monitoring of your adherence to your prescription for 16 weeks.


What do you do with my data?

We are in the health business, bound by HIPPA, and use anonymized data for efficacy and product improvement.

How does my data help?

MIM is an AI-based product, so it learns more and more about disease, health, and behavior, as more people use MIM. In turn, MIM will be better at every refill - just like you.